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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Education for a Shared Humanity

At St Christopher's School Bahrain our mission is to provide an Education for a Shared Humanity. To ensure all our students will become Role Models for the World possessing the strength of intellect and character to take responsibility for their actions and contribute meaningfully to our global society.

We value all members of the St Christopher’s community, upholding the core values of caring, honesty and mutual respect, as well as, instilling the St Christopher’s 6C’s in all our students, Compassion, Confidence, Commitment, Courage, Creativity and Curiosity.

Learning to Engage, Engaging to Learn

The St Christopher’s community relentlessly model all of the school's Missions, Visions and Values as well as our Foundations of Learning so that our young people become competent individuals, autonomous learners and global citizens. 

Foundations of Learning

Learning to Know

The basic knowledge and facts stemming from academic and pastoral curricular, extracurricular work and projects.

Learning to Do

General cognitive and physical skills needed to apply and communicate knowledge and facts to achieve academic and occupational competence and success.  The ability to effectively process information.

Learning to be a Person

Developing attitudes, skills and moral, ethical and spiritual values, needed to understand oneself and one’s world; to communicate effectively with others and to achieve happiness and success. 

Developing appropriate self-autonomy, healthy self-esteem, self-efficacy leading to sound judgment and a sense of personal responsibility.

Learning to Live in a Diverse World

Learning to be an effective global citizen.  Developing understanding, empathy and respect for other people, their cultures and values and a positive appreciation of differences and similarities between people.

Developing an appreciation of the interdependence of humans.

Developing an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between humankind and planet earth leading to an action-orientation stance to the need to protect and heal the physical and biological environment.

Learning to Learn

Developing knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable a person to learn effectively and efficiently at all times. 

Developing intellectual entrepreneurship - the ability to synthesise new knowledge or novel solutions from what is already known in a world where the amount of human knowledge is increasing exponentially.

Developing a curiosity and the disposition to continue to learn throughout life. 

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