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We aim to develop young creative minds and give them support and encouragement to aid their musical development. The benefits of playing an instrument are well documented. Numerous studies show that memory and learning improve at a greater rate compared to those who don’t play an instrument.

In the busy lives of our children, the enjoyment of playing an instrument can aid relaxation and improve creativity. There is nothing better than performing in an ensemble with like-minded musicians or being able to perform a piece after weeks of practice. 

We cater for all abilities, and provide regular performing opportunities both in school and out, as concerts are held in school and in the local community. 

St Christopher's Instrumental Music Handbook 2023-24

For more information, please contact our Music Administrator or Director of Music:

Music Administrator or Director of Music 

Phone: +973 1760 5117 
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


Primary Extra-Curricular Music

There are opportunities for pupils to join the following clubs:

  • Junior orchestra
  • Junior Windband
  • Junior Brass Group
  • Junior Woodwind group
  • Junior Guitars
  • Lahan Choir
  • 24/7 Choir
  • Musical Tasters
  • Musical Steps for beginners

We also encourage our pupils to participate in regular performances. Informal Pop-up concerts and Music Assemblies are held to develop and showcase our pupils' talents alongside more formal performances such as The Whole School Winter Concert.  

Our Bahrain-based St Chris Music Festival encourages pupils of all ages to compete on a friendly level to improve standards and be judged by local musicians.

Senior Extra-Curricular Music

Outside of lessons, things are exceptionally busy. We have a range of activities including:

  • Senior Orchestra
  • Senior Strings
  • Senior Brass Group
  • Senior Woodwind group
  • Senior Guitars
  • Jawhara Choir
  • Cantiamo Choir
  • Big Band
  • Various Chamber Groups

We are particularly proud to host two annual competitions; The St Chris Music Festival for students in Bahrain, and The Young Musicians of the Gulf. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 St Christopher's students were winners in both the Overall Young Musician of the Gulf Solo and Ensemble categories. In both competitions, we are pleased to see young musicians from all over the region showcasing their musical talent.

Senior School Music Events have included:

  • The Bahrain Jazz Festival (Big Band)
  • Music Tour to Oman
  • Whole School Winter Concert
  • Musicals with live student band
  • Unplugged Concerts
  • Musical Interludes

student orchestra

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