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We welcome our new staff to the st chris community!

We welcome our new staff to the  st chris community!
2023-24 Whole School

St Chris proudly introduces the new members of st chris community. Please join us in welcoming them to the St Chris family.

Lauren Binnington - Director of Learning

Lauren is joining us from Ho Chi Minh City where she lived and worked for 13 years at a renowned international school. Prior to this she was based in the UK. She began her career in education as a Psychology Teacher, before moving to Vietnam and going on to develop her leadership skills through a breadth of academic, pastoral and co-curricular Middle and Senior Leadership roles.

Her most recent role as Whole School Deputy Headteacher Enrichment enabled her to share her passion for student leadership and student character development through experiential learning by leading the school's Social Impact, Performing Arts, Sports, STEAM, Sustainability, and Expeditions programmes from Nursery to Year 13. In this role, Lauren worked extensively on curricula and co-curricula development in these areas, with a view to providing children with learning experiences that develop the skills and capabilities for success.

Lauren is thrilled to be joining St Chris and is looking forward to working with the entire community to continue developing the Future Ready Curriculum.

John Burton-Gow - Director of IT

John joins St Chris most recently from an International School in Abu Dhabi, UAE. John will be working with the whole school to advance St Christopher's IT strategic vision.

John has a strong commitment to providing appreciated technology and raising the use of technology in schools. He has completed large-scale device deployments and managed major IT upgrade projects over the last 10 years.

John is also ingrained in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. He has led and assessed expeditions and awards for more than 10 years and is a member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation's IAC Global Advisory Panel.

John was also recognized in 2021 by HRH The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex as an inspirational individual, supporting young people through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Thomas Nolan - Deputy Head

Thomas is an experienced senior leader having worked in a range of leadership positions in schools in China, Malaysia and the UK, Thomas joins St Chris most recently from Beijing, China where he has been Head of Upper School at a renowned British International School.

As a school leader, he is highly experienced in bringing about positive change and is a passionate advocate for developing student agency to enrich a school community. In his current school he has overseen a period of great change, with the school achieving its best academic results and university offers for three consecutive years under his leadership.

Madeleine Hursthouse - Assistant Head - Head of Sixth Form

Madeleine joins St Chris most recently from an International School in Brunei. She is familiar to the Middle East as she was a Head of Sixth Form in Saudi Arabia, where she completed her National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership (NPQSL). Madeleine has demonstrated a strong commitment to developing and raising standards of the schools she has worked at.

Jade Williams - Assistant Head - STEAM & Enterprise

Jade is a St Chris alumna and is returning to St Christopher’s as an established Senior Leader with experience in both academic and pastoral avenues across four countries. Jade was an Assistant Headteacher - Academics in Spain before moving to Qatar as a Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral.

Jade has distinguished herself as an outstanding educator, earning a reputation for her dedication and unwavering commitment to student learning.

Jamie O'Dowd - Assistant Head of Senior School - Pastoral & Wellbeing

Jamie has worked at St Christopher's School for 12 years. He has spent time as a Tutor, Head of Year and now Assistant Headteacher where he oversees all aspects of pastoral care, wellbeing, enrichment and behaviour in the Senior School.

Jamie has recently completed his Headteacher’s Qualification and a Masters in Education and Leadership.


Sarah Armstrong - our new Assistant Head - Junior School

Sarah steps into her new senior leadership position having taught at St Chris for a number of years. Although she has spent the majority of her career as a class teacher in the Junior School, her tenure at St Christopher’s began in the Infants. Alongside her classroom responsibilities, Sarah has held a broad range of middle leadership positions, and had been a Year Leader prior to becoming an Assistant Head. Recently, she completed her National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership (NPQSL).

Before joining St Chris, Sarah worked at a state boarding school in the UK and feels that this gave her a solid foundation, both academically and pastorally, upon which to build her career. Sarah not only enjoyed working as an assistant head, but also living at the school; this helped to instil the importance of being part of a cohesive community who share common goals, develop trust and create a sense of transparency, honesty and shared purpose.

Sarah is looking forward to her new role and the challenges and opportunities she will face. Her intimate familiarity with the school and its community equips her to engage all stakeholders towards forward-thinking, harmonious collaboration congruent with the objectives of the school.

Sarah is passionate about teaching and learning at St Chris and its culture and climate. She believes that her main strengths are leading by example, perseverance and being a lifelong learner.

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We welcome our new staff to the  st chris community!