Welcome to Year 11

Kathryn Beck

Head of Year 11

A very warm welcome to Year 11, the final year of study at Key Stage 4. This year focuses on continuing excellent progress, acknowledging achievement and supporting improvement in our students as they work towards their GCSEs and achieve or exceed their potential.  It is a demanding and very important year in which students will take public examinations in May and June in all of their GCSE subjects. A consistent and focused work ethic will help the students balance the pressures that they face throughout, and at the end of, Year 11.Year 11 can be a challenging time for students but it is also an exciting year, with new challenges and opportunities. It is important that students further develop personal and social skills as well as their academic potential, hence involvement in extra-curricular opportunities and roles of responsibilities are encouraged.As Head of Year 11 it is my privilege to guide students through their last year of GCSE studies. The Year 11 team is made up of seven form tutors and myself, all of whom are dedicated to supporting and caring for each individual student, encouraging them to reach their full potential both academically and personally. High standards of behaviour and attitude to learning are expected for students to be able to achieve this.

Excellent attendance and punctuality is vital at all stages of school; however, in Key Stage 4 it is fundamental to ensuring that our students become successful learners and is critical in giving them every chance to reach their full potential. We also expect students to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour, making effective use of all the support on offer in lessons and form time.

The key to success in any school is the relationship between school, students and the parents. Hopefully you will see that with the Year 11 Pastoral Team, the continued support of the teaching and non- teaching staff and more importantly the parents working together, the Year 11 students will indeed achieve incredible success.



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