Welcome to Year 10

John Doherty

Head of Year 10

Welcome to Year 10 and the start of a two year journey towards final GCSE Examinations. Year 10 is a year full of exciting developments and challenges which I am sure you will respond to with energy and commitment. Some of you will be taking new subjects for the first time this year such as Business Studies, Economics and Computer Science and I am sure many of you have also chosen subjects you enjoy and are passionate about. As a Year Group team we are committed to supporting you along every step of your journey. We are comprised of a team of 7 tutors, 3 support tutors, Ms McKay as our Learning Support link, Mr Pearce as our SMT link, Ms Lewin as the Assistant Head of Year and myself as Head of Year. Whilst we encourage students to become more independent in Year 10, our commitment to your pastoral welfare remains crucially important to us all. Year 10 students will also have the opportunity to apply for a range of leadership roles and positions of responsibility throughout the course of the year. Students are invited to apply for The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, Student Council and Student Voice positions in the autumn term. Towards the end of the school year the application process for Prefect positions will provide a great opportunity for students to take on a senior role within the school community as they move into Year 11.

Our Enrichment programme in Year 10 provides further opportunities for students to demonstrate skills and aptitudes beyond what might be required in their regular studies. We look at Healthy Eating routines that can help improve brain power and exam performance. In our Survival Skills project we learn some vital practical techniques such as sourcing water, building a shelter, tying knots, building a raft and safely building a fire. Our project on ‘Self Respect’ looks at how we all have a role to play in each other’s feeling of self-worth, whilst in our Bahraini and Arabic culture sessions we investigate important Islamic traditions and festivals.

As you can see, Year 10 is an action packed and exciting year. I am delighted to be working alongside students and parents in this year group towards the all-important Year 11 examinations and look forward to supporting and encouraging you all on to great success throughout the year.



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