Welcome to Year 6

Simon Maye

Year 6 Year Leader

Pupils in Year 6 are encouraged to become increasingly independent learners and to feel confident as they meet new challenges. This is based on a belief that nothing succeeds like success. As new skills are introduced, the pupils are encouraged to feel successful and enthusiastic as they continue on the path of their educational journey at St Christopher’s.

As Year 6 children are the eldest children in the Junior School, we offer many opportunities for them to take on certain roles and responsibilities within the school. At the start of Year 6, House Captains are selected to represent each of the four Houses: Kestrel, Merlin, Osprey and Falcon. Their duties include helping at swim galas and sports days. A ‘Here to Help’ team, who ensure everyone in the playground is having fun, look after the little ones in the Infant School and introduce new games for them to play. Finally, we have monitors for our specialist teachers in Music and French as well as a small group of Librarians, who assist the library staff during break times and after school.

Our Year 6 pupils enjoy opportunities to visit the Senior School throughout the year and a dedicated trip to the Senior School to sample various lessons ensures a smooth transition for all.

Pupils work predominantly with their class teacher and receive specialist teaching in native or non-native Arabic, French, DT, Art, Music and PE, and enjoy swimming as part of the curriculum. In addition all the classes have timetabled lessons in a fully equipped ICT suite.

Our Year 6 pupils contribute to fundraising opportunities throughout the year as part of our “Go Global United World Schools” build a school project in Cambodia and take an active part in community service projects. Our Year 6 pupils’ Service focus is raising money for our local community.

As well as our classroom based learning events, we also enjoy a wide range of special events during the year. These include trips to the Bahrain National Museum, the Saar Digs and the Grand Mosque. A History Day in Term 2 involves each class dressing up from a decade between the 40s to the present day and performing music from these decades at our street party. A Graduation Dinner to celebrate the end of their time at the Junior School, as well as a fun day out to Lost Paradise celebrate the end of the year.



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