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Invitation to HRH the Prime Minister's Court

Invitation to HRH the Prime Minister's Court
Year 6 Service & Charity

Year 6 student, Abdulrahman has proved himself to be an excellent ambassador
for St Christopher's School in the ongoing Covid 19 crisis.

In recognition of his efforts Year 6 student Abdulrahman was invited to HRH the Prime Minister’s court to receive a certificate of appreciation as well as a substantial prize for a YouTube video he recently published about the Bahrain Doctor’s Day Award. In this video, Abdulrahman highlighted the prestige and nobleness of the award, and thanked all medical staff in Bahrain for the heroic work they do to keep all citizens safe, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic.

HH Shaikh Hussam Bin Isa Alkhalifa (from HRH the Prime Minister's court) and HE Dr. Fayqa Alsaleh (Minister of Health) both met him, thanked him for the video, and encouraged him to continue doing great things before presenting him with the award.

Abdulrahman insisted on attending the meeting wearing his St. Chris school uniform as he wanted to be an ambassador of the school, which he has certainly proved himself to be. He spoke very highly of his school, and highlighted that it encourages all students to explore and support worthwhile projects.

Congratulations Abdulrahman on modelling our school values so exceptionally. We are all very proud of you.


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Invitation to HRH the Prime Minister's Court