Student Leadership Team

Head Girl and Head Boy - Student Leadership Executive Team

Following a rigorous selection process involving nominations, written applications and presentations to staff and students, the following members of the school community were elected to the Student Leadership Executive Team. The Head Girl and Head Boy and their Deputies act as ambassadors for the School and it is their role to lead and manage the Student Leadership Team and the student body as a whole. Below is the 2017-18 Student Leadership Executive Team.

Head GirlSheherazade Al Shahry
Head BoyAman Rana
Deputy Head GirlNoor Halim
Deputy Head GirlAlexandra Roberts
Deputy Head GirlKayleigh Hugo
Deputy Head BoyDonovan Worrall
Deputy Head BoyRayyan Syed Ali
Deputy Head BoyOliver Bloodworth

The Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team comprises both Student Leaders, who each have a designated responsibility area, and a team of Year 13 Prefects. Together, under the guidance of the Student Leadership Executive Team, they organise and lead school events and initiatives.

The Student Council

The Student Council Team oversees and leads the student body in all aspects of school development and improvement. The Infant, Junior and Senior school all have their own Student Councils which manage each section of the school; everyone involved is eager to bring in new ideas to the table. Recently, in the interest of the school unity, these councils have started meeting as one Whole School Student Council, allowing us to share our ideas and to support a one school culture.


Last Updated: 01 December 2019