Pastoral & Guidance

It is our aim at St Christopher’s to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment where pupils can learn and play happily and confidently. At each stage of their education, students receive guidance and support relative to their age in the School. The induction programme for our students is carefully planned to ensure a smooth start to life as a St Christopher’s student. Our staff work in cross-phase teams to realise our aim for a seamless transition from age 3 to 18.

All staff in the School have a collective responsibility for the pastoral well-being of our pupils and they are proactive in identifying and dealing with any issues that may arise. We have a detailed policy for behaviour and discipline which emphasises positive reinforcement and ensures that there are shared high expectations for behaviour which are clearly communicated to our staff and our parent body. St Christopher’s School does not tolerate bullying and this is detailed in our Anti-Bullying Code.

In the Infant School, the children spend the majority of their time in their classroom with their teacher and a teaching assistant who support their personal and social development as well as their academic learning. The organisation of the Infant and Junior Schools, with children learning together in ‘Activity Streets’, fosters the sense of a community of learners, with children interacting regularly with all of the teachers in their Year Group. As the children get older and progress through the School, they encounter more specialist teachers and learn with greater independence. They will confidently approach any adult in school if they have an issue that needs resolving and will be supported and guided sensitively and appropriately. The Personal, Social, Health and Emotional curriculum (PSHE) is planned to support the pastoral development of the pupils and Circle Time is used throughout the School to share and discuss problems and issues, both real and theoretical.

Senior School students are placed in a Form Tutor group with students from the same Year Group. The Form Tutor assumes responsibility for the academic progress, social well-being and behaviour for their students. Each Year group has a Head of Year who supports the work of the Form Tutors in the monitoring of the behaviour and academic and social development of the students. In addition to the pastoral structure, our Enrichment Programme focuses on a range of issues relating to relationships, behaviour, social interaction, respect for one another and academic and pastoral guidance.

As they reach the examination years, our guidance programme ensures that the students make informed subject choices at GCSE, Advanced Level and the IB Diploma Programme. Experienced university guidance counsellors prepare students for life beyond St Christopher’s and the next step in their education at some of the most prestigious universities around the world.

Last Updated: 01 December 2019