House System

At St Christopher’s we nurture an inclusive atmosphere and a strong community spirit through our long established House System to which all pupils from Nursery to Year 13 belong. The Houses are named after birds of prey which are native to the Gulf region and synonymous with Arab culture.

Falcon – Red

Kestrel – Blue

Merlin – Green

Osprey – Yellow

Family members are placed in the same House as their siblings to ensure there is no family rivalry! Staff in the School are also placed in a House, ensuring that all Houses are well supported. In the Infant and Junior Schools, each House has a group of House Captains from Year 6 and a Head of House who is a member of staff.

Pupils across the School collect House points which contribute to the grand House total. House Points are awarded by all teachers for things such as effort, achievement, good behaviour and sportsmanship. House Captains are responsible for collecting and checking the House Point totals and sharing news in House assemblies that take place each term for Nursery through to Year 6 pupils.

There are many opportunities to compete in House sporting events, such as Sports Days, Swim Galas and Inter-House competitions. These play a valuable role in including every child and promoting a team spirit, whatever their age or ability.

In addition to the sporting side of our House system, there are also opportunities for the children to represent their House in maths, English and other areas of school life. Pupils wear their House T-shirts and wave House flags during these times. Competition is fierce, but good sportsmanship prevails, as when final points are read out, all Houses receive equal applause.

In all aspects of school life, children work towards house point certificates and are awarded house points for good work or behaviour in and around the School. Our Year 6 House Captains are selected for their skills of listening, advising and supporting their peers and younger children and act as positive role models. This fosters a sense of community across the ages and helps the children to appreciate looking after each other and gives a sense of family and community spirit.

In the Senior School, all members of staff are assigned to a House with the exception of the Head of Senior School. Members of staff are expected to play a positive role though the students themselves carry out many routine administrative arrangements e.g. Team Selection.

The Head of House is responsible for initiating and helping to organise events throughout the year such as inter-house sports, competitions and fund-raising activities. Sports Day, the annual Swimming Gala and inter-house sporting competitions throughout the year provide the focus for friendly rivalry between the Houses. In Years 7, 8 and 9 House Points are also the focus of friendly competition. The House Trophy is awarded to the House obtaining the highest number.

Last Updated: 01 December 2019