Our Students

St Christopher’s School is a multicultural body of over 2,000 students, with more than sixty different nationalities, ranging in age from three to eighteen. As children and young people, not only are we provided with a world class education, but also the prospect of autonomy, where all of us, no matter what our culture, background or beliefs, are offered equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of school life.

Testimonials from Our Pupils

‘I love Sports Day and really like the shows’ Dara 2B

‘I like chatting at playtime’ Rakan 2A

‘I like building castles in the Activity Street with Lego’ Matthew  2E

‘I love school, Science is so much fun, it helps me learn a lot’ Alia 2E

Being a student at St Christopher’s is an honour for it is a school full of pride. Sapphyre 6D

I have been at St Chris for 8 years and I know for a fact that it is by far the best school in Bahrain. Caline 6B

My years in St Christopher’s have taught me to believe in myself.  Murtaza 6E

I have been in St Christopher’s for 5 years and it is a great school full of fun and opportunities. Alex 6E

Everybody is friendly and kind. Blair 8A

St Christopher’s is very welcoming and friendly. Thea 10F

I love the multi-cultural environment which benefits me greatly as well as the fantastic education available to us.Celine (Year 13)

Last Updated: 01 December 2019