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Colin Wortley

Head of Business & Economics

The Business and Economics Department offers both Business Studies and Economics at three different levels; GCSE, A-Level and IB. Business Studies helps students to develop an understanding of business organisations, the markets that they serve and the process of adding value. This is a very varied subject enabling students to better understand current affairs and equipping them with the knowledge and skills relevant to many aspects of everyday life.

Economics looks at many of the most important issues facing society. Students look at issues to do with global trade, global warming, the collapse of world financial markets and many more topical issues. We stimulate interest in how economics work at a personal, national and global level. Students learn through case studies, project work, research assignments and class discussion. Independent learning is an important feature of all courses.

For those students who wish to further their passion for the subject outside of the classroom, we offer a fantastic opportunity to take part in the inter-school competition TradeQuest where students gain real life experience of trading stocks and presenting their strategies to investment bankers. The department consists of four specialist teachers who support students through a combination of lunchtime workshops, peer mentoring and individual discussions with teachers. We are very proud of our high academic standards and creating a passion for our subjects; many of our students continue their Business or Economics studies at university.







Head of Business & Economics





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