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Nick Wilson

Head of Senior School

St Christopher’s Senior School provides students with a genuinely welcoming start to secondary education. The special atmosphere and style of the Senior School is difficult to define but is ever present: academic certainly, but thoughtful and sensitive; competitive but good humoured; capable of inspiring passion and skill in the arts; with a certain independence of spirit but set in a strong sense of community.

Academically, our students attain very high standards at all ages. Examination results are excellent and are well in excess of UK averages (see our results section). Success is measured not only in academic achievement but also in terms of growth in maturity, the development of social awareness, self-discipline and motivation, and a respect for the individual. We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme which we encourage all our students to participate. The school promotes an environment in which it is considered natural to help and support others within the school, and to give service to the wider community.

Our students come from a wide range of cultures and nationalities, reflecting Bahrain’s cosmopolitan society with around 50 nationalities represented. They form a delightful, open, friendly and talented student body. Many of the students have English as their mother tongue, while some have considerable facility in two or three languages. On leaving St Christopher’s, students proceed to a variety of destinations, ranging from the UK, the USA and the Arab world to the Indian sub-continent, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. Typically, most of our senior students undertake further study, with by far the majority continuing to university education around the world.

The school is proud of its caring ethos, with a wide range of staff involved in the pastoral care and guidance of students. We enjoy an excellent record in helping children from very different backgrounds to adjust to life at St Christopher’s and Bahrain.

The special atmosphere of the Senior School is not easy to describe – my advice to you is have a school tour and experience it for yourself. We are very proud of our school and will be delighted to show you round.



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Last Updated: 15 September 2020