Welcome to Year 2

Richard Evans

Year 2 Year Leader

In Year 2 at St Christopher’s, our pupils are exposed to a wealth of learning opportunities and experiences within a welcoming, positive and motivating learning environment in Year 2, we build on the enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning fostered in the earlier Infant School years.  Our curriculum takes the best elements of traditional teaching, but is not restricted by it.  Technology and careful planning encourages an imaginative approach to teaching and learning in all subject areas. Pupils work predominantly with their class teacher and receive specialist teaching in native or non-native Arabic, Music and PE, and enjoy swimming as part of the curriculum.  In addition, all the classes have timetabled lessons in a fully equipped ICT suite and use their Ipads in the classroom.

Topic themes include: Pirates, Oceans and Seas, F1, and Our Island Home.

As the oldest pupils in the Infant School, our Year 2 pupils have special privileges and responsibilities. Two pupils from each of our Year 2 classes are elected to the Infant School Student Council. The Student Council provides a vital link between pupils and staff. Our Year 2 Councilors regularly visit all Infant classes to take feedback about all aspects of school life.  Infant School Student Council initiatives have included creating a child-friendly map of the school for new pupils and playground development.

Our Year 2 pupils take an active part in community service projects and raise money for our Go Global united world school’s build a school project in Cambodia via a Pyjama Day. They also support the local migrant workers, providing clothes and care packages.

Highlights of the year include experiencing a Pirate Day and Superhero Day, as well as trips to the Bahrain International Circuit and the Bahraini shoreline. In Year 2, all pupils are involved in a Year Group musical production.



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Last Updated: 04 September 2019