St Chris Embarks on Becoming an Eco School

2017-12-25 08:55



December marked the first official step in the School’s mission to be recognised as an Eco School. Children and staff at the Primary School campus in Saar held lessons about the environment, and the children were encouraged to turn their classroom lights off for one hour.

As part of this initiative, pupils in Reception designed environmentally friendly cars; Year 3 wrote letters to local restaurants asking them to stop using plastic straws; Year 4 wrote quizzes about the safe use of water; and Year 6 wrote letters requesting a countrywide ban on plastic bags.

Pupils also entered a competition to design an official St Chris ‘Bag for Life’. Congratulations to Yaseen and Sophia. The St Chris ‘Green Bags’ hope to raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation by encouraging the community to stop using plastic shopping bags. All proceeds from the sale of these bags will go towards rebuilding local marine ecosystems, by supporting the creation of an artificial reef in the shores of Bahrain.

If you would like to support the School’s eco-project, the green bags are priced at BD3 – and available from the Saar Campus. Please call 17605000 for more information.