Year 11 Prefects

Students who are appointed to the position of Year 11 Prefect at St Christopher’s School are required to pass through a rigorous selection process. In the first instance, all students are fully briefed on the nature of the Prefect role and on the application process. Those students who express an interest in the position are invited to submit a letter of application and Curriculum Vitae. Applicants are then invited to interview. At interview the students are required to present their personal portfolio which documents their achievements and their contribution to the School and wider community. This presentation is followed by a series of searching and challenging questions regarding the candidates’ understanding of and suitability for the role.

The selection panel meet shortly after the final interviews to review all the information relating to each candidate. All candidates are informed in writing of the final decisions.

Those students who are appointed are expected to assume a variety of responsibilities. Primarily, Year 11 Prefects act as ambassadors of the school and are important role models for younger students.

In terms of ambassadorial presence, Prefects are invited to assist at a range of School functions including School Concerts, Drama performances, Parents’ Afternoons, Sporting events and Awards Evenings. Parents frequently remark on the graciousness, sophistication, charm and maturity of the Prefect body.

With respect to their function as role model, each Prefect is assigned to a Key Stage 3 Form Tutor group and, in full liaison with the Form Tutor, is responsible for organising and running a weekly activity during the Form Tutor period. These activities are wide and varied and the Prefects often use this opportunity to demonstrate their creativity. They have in the past organised, quizzes, team games, inter Form sports, such as dodge ball, and Form breakfasts. The Prefects are also involved in organising Form assemblies. The primary purpose is, of course, to forge strong relationships with the younger students to provide a further source of guidance and advice.

Prefects take a leading role in modelling high standards and are the embodiment of the School’s core values. Overwhelmingly, Prefects are proud of their position within the School community and embrace the opportunity to hold responsibility with great enthusiasm and willingness. There is little doubt that the Prefect body continues to play a significant role in enhancing the image of the School and in exerting a very positive influence on younger students. As a School, we hold our Prefects in extremely high regard.

Last Updated: 01 December 2019