Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO)

In response to feedback from the parent and staff workshops at the start of the school year, it was felt that the climate was right to further develop the role of PTO.

The PTO has been established and we will continue to develop and extend the excellent work of PTO. It is envisaged that the PTO will provide an open forum to enhance parental contributions and relationships within the whole school community. Specifically, the PTO aim to help parents and teachers alike in their common goals. It will provide an opportunity for parental contributions to the life of the whole school to the benefit of all families and students of the St Christopher’s community, under the overall guidance of the school.

In essence, the aim of the PTO is to provide the best possible learning environment for all the school by enhancing the educational and social environments on a non-profit basis.

If you would like support the work of the PTO please indicate your interest through the following form: Volunteer Form or by emailing: [email protected]

Last Updated: 01 December 2019