Parent Opportunities

A major contributor to the success of St Christopher’s School is the army of volunteers that passes through its doors. Each and every one brings their own skills, knowledge and culture into our classrooms. No matter how great or small the contribution, we welcome all offers of help and provide many opportunities for parents to come into school to support the work of our staff.

Working in a school is a very rewarding experience – it’s the reason our teachers look forward to coming to work each morning! As a volunteer helper in school, you also get to experience those same feelings and contribute to providing the very best experience for our children. Volunteers help us in a variety of ways and parents have a choice of becoming either a Reading Parent and/or a fully fledged Parent Volunteer.

Reading Parents are a highly committed group of parents who come into the school each morning to work with reading groups in activity streets or classrooms.

Parent Volunteers help us in a variety of different ways, here are just a few…

  • Productions: St Christopher’s is proud of the productions that our year groups stage. As show time draws closer, parents will be in school helping paint scenery and props and getting costumes ready for the star performers
  • Theme Days: There are many theme days throughout the year; from Victorian Day in Year 1 to a Roman feast in Year 3. Parents help by preparing plates of themed food and all get into the spirit of the day by wearing traditional costume
  • Class outings: Supporting class outings is a vital role of our parent volunteers as the success of many outings relies on the support of parents. Children get so much more out of a visit if they are part of a small group with access to a knowledgeable adult who is able to answer questions and provide relevant information.

How to become a Reading Parent:

Provide your details either to your child’s class teacher or to our receptionists. You will be invited to attend an induction presentation and will be provided with the relevant form to complete. Once this is done the school will supply you with a “Reading Parent Card” that is kept together with your parent card on your lanyard.

How to become a Parent Volunteer:

Provide your details either to your child’s class teacher or to our receptionists. You will be invited to attend an induction presentation that going into detail about child safeguarding and health and safety. You will be provided with the relevant forms to be completed. You are also required to obtain a “good conduct certificate” from CID. We will provide a letter, through our HR Department, together with a list of requirements that CID expect in order to process your good conduct certificate. Once we receive your “good conduct certificate” we will then process your Parent Volunteer card. These cards are kept at reception until such time that a parent, volunteers to assist with an event, trip, production etc. The card is supplied with a special lanyard by one of our receptionists and is swapped out for your parent card. Once your volunteer session is complete you will need to return the card to reception and they will return your parent card to you.

Last Updated: 01 December 2019