Fundraising Coordination Teams

Each section of the School has many different and exciting events throughout the year. When an event is at the planning stage, parent volunteers and staff work together is called a ‘Fundraising Coordination Team’. The size of these teams will vary. Some events are quite small and do not require a great deal of time to organize. Larger events, such as Global Citizens Day, The Festive Fayre and the Spring Fayre take much more planning and their success depends on the support and help from volunteers.

We encourage parents to check the Parent Portal, the website, read the School newsletters and check for posters advertising for help to ensure they are aware of all that is going on. We are also interested in new and innovative ways in which to join our School community together, to have fun and to fund raise so please let us know if you have a good idea to share.

Spending Funds Raised

Once money has been raised, the dispersal of the funds is controlled by a committee made up of parents, teachers and pupils. For each event, a percentage of funds raised are set aside for whole school use; in the past this has enabled us to save for the more expensive items such as the heater for the swimming pool. The majority of the money is then for spending by the section of the School that has been involved in the fundraising. Suggestions for how to allocate funds are welcome from pupils, staff and parents and they are then submitted to the committee for consideration. We have found the idea of having all sections of the School represented has been really beneficial to ensure that fundraising is targeted on projects that will really make a difference.

What have we purchased?

Recent purchases have included baseball nets, tablet devices, benches for parents and new play equipment for our playgrounds.

We look forward to the next event and the Friends of St Chris working together for the benefit of all our children.

Last Updated: 01 October 2018