Introducing our new logo!

Established in 1961, this September marks our 59th year in Bahrain! We would like to thank you all for sharing your ideas and vision for the school with us. Your comments have played a huge part in shaping an exciting new era at St Chris!

Pupils, parents and staff are all being welcomed back to school with some new developments in the School's branding! The School’s Mission Statement: "Education for a Shared Humanity", was inspired by feedback from staff, students and parents. And an exciting collaboration with St Chris Alumni has seen the introduction of a modern update to the School logo, and a fresh new colour pallet. While photography features personalities from around the School. They also reflect our new mission, as the key message of ‘Humanity’ is portrayed throughout.

With an initial roll of thirty, we are looking forward to starting our 59th academic year today with over 2300 pupils from over 65 nationalities. Our new style reflects the School’s history, heritage, as well as our future development goals. The new branding will be rolled out across the School throughout this academic year.