Food Revolution Day

‘Food Revolution Day’ is an annual event at St Christopher’s School. First initiated in the UK by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the event promotes healthy eating in schools. A number of schools now take part across the world and St Christopher’s is thrilled to host this popular event here in Bahrain.

The event is made possible through a huge show of community support, with local chefs and restaurants creating interactive displays to encourage the healthy eating message. From an opportunity to plant their own herb garden, to tasting samples of locally sourced cuisines.

This year, the School was delighted to welcome the following companies to their Primary School Campus in Saar: Crowne Plaza, Wagamama, Maki, NKD Pizza, Ready Get Set Cook, Chipa, Jassim Agriculture, and Alosra supermarket.

This event is supported by FOSC (Friends of St Chris), who were vital in the running of many activities, including supplying home-cooked (healthy) treats for our community bake sale. With their help, BD 653 was raised to support an all-expenses paid Day Out for the school cleaners and caretakers (due to take place later this year).