Nursery to Year 11

In cooler weather, all pupils may wear the school fleece, a jacket or coat in addition to the school jumper when outside the school buildings. The school fleece, jackets or coats must not be worn inside classrooms.

The school fleece is blue from Nursery to Year 11.

Sixth Form

As part of the Sixth Form dress code, boys can wear a plain black V neck jumper and girls can wear a plain black V neck jumper or black cardigan. Should students need anything in addition, they may wear the school Sixth Form grey fleece.

Please note that other sweatshirts, fleeces, tops or jackets with “hoodies” are not permitted, including the Sixth Form “hoodies” purchased by students as a memento of their time in the Sixth Form. This was a condition agreed with the students when these were introduced.

In the colder and wet weather, a smart black/charcoal grey jacket with an appropriate collar and zip or button–up design may be worn. These are not to be worn in lessons.

All students should have conventional hairstyles:

  • Long hair must be neat and tidy, tied back and kept off the face
  • For Health and Safety reasons, the excessive use of wax or gel is not allowed and long hair must tie it back from the face in lessons
  • Hair should not be beaded
  • Tramlines are not allowed
  • Any artificial change in hair colour should have a natural appearance
  • Hair ornaments should be functional, kept to a minimum and be either in a neutral colour or one that is in keeping with the uniform

Makeup is not allowed. Sixth Form girls may wear light makeup.

Nail varnish (including toe nails), transfers, tattoos and studs in any part of the face (including the tongue) are not permitted

No jewellery should be worn, with the exception that, girls with pierced ears may wear a small, plain pair of metal studs worn in the conventional position in the earlobe. Multiple earrings are not permitted and friendship bands etc are not to be worn

  • Pupils must keep their shoes polished
  • Trainers are only to be worn for PE
  • Boots may be worn during cooler weather but must be in keeping with the school uniform (ie black or blue)
  • In wet weather, pupils may wear ‘Wellington’ boots but should change into their school shoes once in classrooms

Last Updated: 14 December 2017