Welcome to our Springring App

Please find below the most frequently asked questions about our Springring App.

How can I get Springring on my phone?

Go to the App Store/Play Store, search for ‘Springring’ and download

How do I log into Springring?

Open the Springring App on your mobile phone and click on the Request Invitation button. Type in your email address. The system will verify your email address and then send an invitation. Open the email on your phone and click on ‘Join St Christopher’s Springring’. 

What should I do if  I did not receive an email?

Check in your junk/spam boxes.

I’m not receiving notifications, what do I do?

Check you are on the latest version of Springring and update if necessary. In Springring go to the Settings page and click Notifications. Set notifications to ‘All New Posts’. Check you have allowed notifications for Springring on your phone.

My posts have ‘disappeared’, where can I find them?

Springring is defaulted to open on the ‘All Updates’ page. Once a notice is read it will be filed under the Board it was posted to.

What is the difference between a School Board and a Class Board?

A School Board os for formal school communications and is maintained by admin. A Class Board (found under the student’s picture) is for a group of children regularly communicated to such as primary classes,  trips and ECAs.

Can I delete a notice?

No, but you can search for a notice and also bookmark those you wish to refer back to.

Where are the student timetables, school reports and my accounts?

Springring is a communication platform. It is designed to centralise all school communications from school admin, class teachers, trips and clubs. Continue to use the Parent App for Timetables, school reports and account information.

Can I open the Parent App on my iPad or Tablet?

Springring is a mobile phone app and is not compatible with tablets,  just iPhone and Android phones. You may be able to install it on an iPad or Tablet but the display and behaviour is not optimised for these devices.

What do I do if things go wrong?

Contact the [email protected]  To help speed up the enquiry please have the following details available:  make of mobile phone and version of Springring.

How do I know which version of Springring I am using?

Open Springring and go to the Settings page and the version is detailed under the About menu.

Parent Portal Helpdesk

+973 1760 5010
Last Updated: 12 March 2020