Welcome to our Parent App

Please find below the most frequently asked questions about our Parent Portal App.

How can I get the Parent App on my iPhone?
Go to the App Store, search for ‘St Chris Parent App Bahrain’ and download

How can I get the Parent App on my Android Phone?
Go to the Google Play, search for ‘St Chris Parent App Bahrain’ and download

What is my username and password?
The username is the same as your Parent Portal username (ie: your preferred email address). The password is your Parent Portal password.

I have never logged into Parent Portal, can I still use the Parent App?
You will need to contact the Parent Portal Helpdesk to obtain your login credentials (see contact details below).

How do I know which version of the Parent App I am using?
Open the Parent App and go to the main menu and the version is detailed below the menu items.

Can I open the Parent App on my iPad or Tablet?
The Parent App is not compatible with tablets, just iPhone and Android phones.

My details are out of date. Who do I inform?
Go the Main Menu of the App and click on the Parent Portal Helpdesk. You will be able to phone or email the Parent Portal Helpdesk directly from here with any required changes.

What do I do if things go wrong?
Contact the Parent Portal Helpdesk (see contact details below). To help speed up the enquiry please have the following details available:

Version of Parent App
The OS platform you are using

Does my account feature on parent portal app ?
No, But we would like to include this in future version.


Parent Portal Helpdesk

+973 1760 5010
Last Updated: 07 December 2017