Years 7 - 9



These files contain extra questions with answers for each of the units from the MEP textbooks.  You may use them to consolidate your learning and aid your revision of certain topics.


The move from Key Stage 2 at the Junior School to Key Stage 3 at the Senior School provides a smooth and effective transfer. During the three years of Key Stage 3 students will study a full range of subjects, most of which they will have had experience of before. The Key Stage Three curriculum is a preparation for GCSE examinations in Year 10 and Year 11. There are no longer any external Key Stage tests at the end of Year 9; however, student progress will be assessed and monitored in each subject through formal internal examinations and class tests. Parents will be informed of their child's progress through Interim, Full Reports and regular Parent consultations.

The pastoral system plays a significant role in student development. Form Tutors and Heads of Year act as guide and mentor through the three years. They will, for example, guide students in the production of a personal portfolio. This portfolio, which will include a personal statement, is designed to encourage students to document their contributions to the school and local community. Students will be required to store documents such as their ever-evolving CV and certificates such as those awarded for participation in Drama productions, sporting achievements, Music prizes, attendance and House Point certificates. This portfolio will represent a record of their journey through St. Christopherís and will be important if they wish to apply for leadership positions such as House Captain or School Council representative.

To complement the academic curriculum, students will also follow a structured Enrichment programme. This will provide opportunities for students to become involved in class discussions and in whole year group debates about a wide range of topical and thought-provoking issues. The Enrichment programme throughout the three years is designed to provide students with the skills to become responsible adults and independent learners.

A whole team of people is waiting, with high expectations, to work with your son or daughter to facilitate their route to success, both curricular and extra-curricular. It is, without doubt, a three year journey of intense excitement and purpose.

Welcome to the Senior School!

Years 7 - 9 News

  • Aspirations Day

    On the 5th of January Year 9 took part in Aspirations Day. Each student participated in an interview with their tutor.
  • Year 7 Debate

    Year 7 Debates, attended by all Year 7 students and Year 7 English teachers, took place on Sunday 26 June 2011 in the School Hall organised by Ms Zahida Aziz-Khan, Key Stage 3 English Co-ordinator.
  • Year 9 Aspiration Day

    On January 15th 2011 every year 9 student experienced a formal interview with their tutor in order to discuss their plans and aspirations for the future.
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