Welcome to the ICT Department

Brian Steene

Head of ICT

At St Christopher’s School we are pleased to offer Information Communication Technology and Computer Science. This is duly reflected in the rich and varied Information Technology curriculum that we offer.

ICT (the purposeful application of technology) is taught throughout all years and is available as both a GCSE and A Level option.

In ICT, the students explore key components such as databases, spreadsheets and various multimedia applications.

Computer Science is taught at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and is available as a GCSE option. In Computer Science, the students are taught how to think computationally and to define and solve problems using computer programming languages. We believe that every student should experience the wonder of creating their own applications rather than simply consuming technology. By the end of Year 9, all students will be able to code in both a visual and text-based programming language. The department offers a Robotics Club as well as a Programming Master Class and these run at lunchtimes and after school.



Head of ICT





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