PARENT PORTAL: Have you logged in yet?

Dear Parents,

We are proud to announce the launch of our Parent Portal.

We have been working hard trying to get this right and we are confident you will find this a positive refinement to our home/school communications. As mentioned in previous emails, you will have access to attendance data, timetable data and assessment reports.

Support FAQs
There is much more to our Parent Portal than this email should include, so we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and posted them on our website.

You can find our FAQs here:

Further Support
To help with the login process, we are providing support sessions for those of you who experience difficulties. From Tuesday, 28 February until Tuesday, 6 March, we will be providing a support desk at our Saar site at various points in the school day.

Location: Saar site, main entrance (the big glass entrance)
Days: Tuesday, 28 February – Tuesday, 6 March (not Friday and Saturday)
Times: 07:45–08:15, 11:45–12:15 and 13:45–14:30

On-Going Support
For those of you who might miss out on this support desk period, you can contact our ever-supportive Tasneem. You can email her on Alternatively, you can call her on (+973) 17 598 497. If you want the extra personal touch, you can come up to the Admissions' Office in Saar and see her in person. Tasneem will be on the support desk in this opening week.

Now the really important detail – how to access your new Parent Portal account:

Your Account Details
Web Address:
Username: << this is your preferred email addrress >>
Password: stchris50 (you will be forced to change this on your first login)

Please take the time to read through our FAQs. They really do answer a lot of the questions we know you are thinking now.

Yours sincerely

Darren Benson
IT Manager