Principal's Welcome

Ed Goodwin OBE


From its modest beginnings in a villa in 1961, St Christopher’s has grown into a large, internationally renowned, non-profit making school with over 2,300 pupils from more around seventy nations. These children and young people, from three to eighteen years of age, benefit from the excellence, dedication and hard work of our teachers and support staff who form a team dedicated to the creation and maintenance of an environment in which each pupil learns effectively.

In our school, we encourage the notion that personal improvement and development is always possible – no matter how high the current level of achievement and success. In line with this philosophy, our teachers use innovative as well as traditional methods. Over recent years we have implemented practices such as the Building Learning Power framework developed by Prof. Guy Claxton and Assessment for Learning. Latterly we have been using Prof. John Hattie’s evidence-based teaching research to inform our development and have applied Carol Dweck’s insights into the importance of developing a growth mindset in all pupils. Through these initiatives and others, we seek to ensure that our students become “Autonomous Learners”, “Competent Individuals” and “Global Citizens” fully prepared and competent to meet head-on the challenges and vagaries of life in the rapidly changing world we share and who care for the world and its peoples beyond their own sphere of existence and experience.

The values and concepts that guide our school are not easy to summarise briefly, but the constituent words of what we call the St Christopher’s ‘S’- Caring, Learning, Communicating – say a lot about what we are, especially when considered together with our Five Pillars of Learning, that we have adapted and expanded from ideas to be found in the four aspects of learning described in a report to UNESCO by Jacques Delors. Our Mission Statement helps to complete the picture!
To assist teachers and support staff in their goal of helping your children to learn at an optimal rate, we provide excellent facilities and resources; but these too are constantly developing and expanding. In 2005 and 2006 we opened magnificent new primary school premises, with wonderful facilities for Infant and Junior students. These developments allowed the Seniors to expand into buildings previously used by the Junior School. In the future there will come a time when the Senior School will leave the current site to its own, world-class premises – we are seeking land to on which we can make this a reality.

Aside from teachers and other classroom-based staff we are also fortunate to have very many excellent people handing all of the day-to-day logistics and operations required in a large school. Altogether St Chris employs well over 300 people – and this doesn’t include contracted cleaners and some categories of maintenance staff. On the educational management side, Each of the Schools (Infant, Junior and Senior) has a Headteacher and a Senior Management Team. A Board of Governors attends to the longer term direction and to major policy matters. Each school governor serves in a completely voluntary capacity and receives no payment or recompense for their service. The Board delegates the running of the School to the Principal and the Heads report to the Principal. The Heads and Principal together are termed the Leadership and Management Team (LMT). I have had the honour and privilege to hold the position of Principal since the Spring of 1995.

Finally, beyond the most quoted measure of a school – its first class examination results – we pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and caring atmosphere which we know to be essential to a happy and productive learning environment – and that we hope comes across in our web-site. A computer screen is, however, no substitute for the real thing! Please come to visit us; we will be delighted to welcome you.

Last Updated: 23 January 2018