uniformSt Christopher’s School Uniform

Our uniform was designed jointly by St Christopher’s and Zaks. The materials, colours and trims were carefully selected; indeed some of the fabrics are unique to St Chris and have been woven especially for us.

It is important to preserve the excellent appearance of the uniform and to have consistency across the school. To help ensure this, our preferred and designated supplier is Zaks: only they can guarantee that the uniform matches the required specification. The only exceptions to this are shoes, socks and tights, which may easily be purchased from other retailers – although Zaks are able to provide assistance with some of these items as well.

PE kit should also be purchased from Zaks along with St Christopher’s required swimming kit. The school fleece for Nursery to Year 11 is available from Zaks, whereas the school fleece for the Sixth Form can be purchased from the Senior School Reception. The Senior School Drama Uniform is also available from the Senior School Reception.

For Primary School children, other St Chris branded items, such as the school tracksuit, book and PE bags, school hats etc, are also available for purchase from the Primary School Reception.

Parents must ensure all uniform, PE kit and school items are clearly labelled with the pupil’s name and class. Problems or concerns with any items of school uniform should be brought to the attention of the School.

Please click here to view the Uniform Price List.

Last update: 20 March 2017