Welcome to Geography 

Geography is concerned with promoting understanding of the character of places, the complex nature of peoples’ relationships and interactions with their environment and the importance of human affairs and activities.The subject is taught in a wide variety of ways, depending on the topic being covered at the time. A wide variety of strategies are used to deliver the topics, ranging from whole class teaching to small group work. This will be ideal preparation for further study allowing you to take responsibility for your own learning whilst remaining under the overall direction of your teacher. Fieldwork, outside speakers, video, the internet, GIS and CD-Rom are used where appropriate to supplement class-based work.

Geography is a stepping stone to a whole range of future opportunities. The skills you develop will support you in further studies and employment. For example, Biology, Geology, Environmental Science, Government & Politics, Economics, Travel & Tourism & Recreation all have close links with much of the material studied in Geography. Employment opportunities where your geographical skills will be particularly valued include journalism and media, the law, engineering, business management, ICT, environmental management, teaching, economic planning, marketing, leisure, recreation and tourism.

BHobday-150x150Barry Hobday
Head of Geography


Last update: 8 June 2015