Welcome to the Maths Department 

The Mathematics Department aims to develop independent, determined exploratory learners in the field of Mathematics whilst, at the same time, making the learning experiences enjoyable, challenging and relevant to each of our students’ needs. Students are provided with opportunities to ask their own questions, create their own solutions, think deeply and refine their ideas through individual and collaborative work. Supported by various online programs such as MathsWatch, MyMaths,and Integral Maths our students have opportunities to develop their mathematical understanding through a variety of different media.

All students will take Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics, with some students taking Edexcel IGCSE Further Pure Mathematics at the end of Year 11. The school runs Edexcel AS and A level courses, including Further Mathematics, for our Sixth Form students alongside Maths Studies, Standard Level Maths and Higher Level Maths for our IB students.

The department also encourages all our students to take part in a variety of competitions, providing them with opportunities to pit their wits against students from around the world. Each year, we enter the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenge competitions organised by the UK Mathematics Trust achieving excellent results. Many students are then invited to the next rounds such as The Olympiad. In Year 9 we also enter some students for World Class Tests.

The Mathematics Department is pushing ahead with ideas for using the various apps available for iPads in classrooms. Alongside the software mentioned above we make full use of other programs such as Autograph and Geogebra.

Kevin Stewart             
Head of Mathematics


Last update: 13 September 2017