Welcome to the MFL Department

The primary aim of the MFL Department is to develop students’ intercultural understanding through the study of Modern Foreign Languages. At St Christopher’s School, MFL is a core subject which is studied by all students to GCSE. In addition, students have the opportunity to pursue their study of French or Spanish to A-level and IB.

The  approach​ to teaching modern foreign languages is communicative; we aim to provide  our students with the linguistic skills to deal with real life situations in the countries where the target language is spoken. A strong emphasis is also placed on grammar with a view to improving accuracy in our students’ use of languages. All students have the opportunity to sit the DELF examinations,  and  be awarded a DELF Certificate which is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, and is recognised worldwide.

Trips to France and Spain are organised by the Department, offering students opportunities to practise their conversational French or Spanish in situ. French Day and Hispanic Day are events that take place to celebrate the cultures of the languages we teach, and in which students, parents and staff take part. We strongly believe that learning a foreign language is essential to everyone, for personal fulfilment, but also to be prepared for an increasingly competitive job market where proficiency in a foreign language can make all the difference.

Jamel Bazzouz
Head of MFL



Last update: 8 June 2015