Learning Support

Welcome to Learning Support

The Learning Support (LS) Department is an integral part of St Christopher’s School where pupils are supported and encouraged to develop an independent learning spirit. The LS Department is staffed by specialist teachers and learning support assistants in a modern suite of rooms.

Rigorous assessment, early intervention and tracking procedures enable each pupil’s needs to be met. By matching the teaching programme to each individual, the provision is aimed at taking pupils on the fastest track to success. Learning Support aims to develop portable skills and strategies to take to other learning contexts. Children are aware of their own targets and are encouraged to take risks alongside a supportive adult.

An experienced and qualified team deliver a range of support from in-class to one to one. In withdrawal groups, pupils develop the skills and attitudes to allow them to complete class work with greater success and independence.

The LS Department is well resourced and reading, writing and spelling are taught with the benefit of iPads and ICT software, as well as more traditional resources. As children become more skilled, they pursue programmes to develop their accuracy with comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

Learning can be a challenge, but we believe that children, with a will to succeed, achieve the highest standards and take increasing responsibility for their learning. St Christopher’s LS Department aims to make a sizeable contribution to the lives of those children striving to overcome learning differences and it is a combination of rigour and empathy which drives the teaching and learning in LS. We recognise that children who attend LS contribute a great deal in many ways to the diversity of our school community and we are proud when we are able to see them flourish.

The St Christopher’s Learning Support Department operates an ‘open door’ policy and welcomes parents to drop in before school for a quick chat or by appointment. Regular coffee mornings allow staff and parents to share experiences and the end of year LS Awards ceremony and party celebrates individual achievements.

Dawn Gosling
Subject Leader for Learning Support

Last update: 5 September 2016