Welcome to Islam

St Christopher’s is an English speaking school that provides Islamic Studies for all Muslim students. The curriculum is built on exploring verses of the Quran, and the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It aims to give pupils a clear, thorough understanding of Islamic teachings, moral behaviour and Islamic etiquette. Pupils are also introduced to important figures in Islamic history, such as the Prophets: Adam, Moses, Jesus and of course Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Students also learn about Muslims’ contribution to modern science.

At St Christopher’s we use the Bahrain Ministry of Education curriculum of Islamic Studies for Arabs. For non-Arab students, the school uses the Islamic Good Word course which is specifically designed for non-Arab Muslim pupils.

Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 attend Islamic Assemblies led by the subject leader for Arabic and Islamic Studies.


Manal Al Jarrah
Subject Leader Arabic & Islam


Last update: 20 January 2016