Primary Subjects

At St Christopher’s, we believe that a curriculum should be exciting, varied and stimulating in order to meet the needs of children of all abilities. Innovative teaching methods, daily challenges and homework are all geared towards encouraging the children to work in an independent way.

We lay the strongest foundations for the total development of each individual through a nurturing and child-centred approach. This is achieved through creative and integrated learning opportunities in a stimulating environment where children feel valued, confident and independent. All this is underpinned by our commitment to supporting every child’s social, emotional, spiritual and cultural awareness.

As children progress through the Infant and Junior Schools, emphasis is placed on the further acquisition of skills and understanding in all curriculum areas. Our creative and integrated curriculum is underpinned by a structured approach to teaching the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT and a commitment to high standards. Cross curricular links are made, where appropriate, to make the learning meaningful and relevant. A wealth of special days, events and trips extend and enhance the classroom activities, and often act as a catalyst for new learning.

The breadth of our curriculum and the pace of our teaching, combined with the differentiation of tasks throughout the school, means that all children are appropriately challenged. While standards are benchmarked against the very best in the UK, our curriculum reflects our international setting and celebrates diversity. We are particularly proud of the breadth of our provision and the many opportunities for children to achieve. Outstanding specialist teaching compliments our impressive facilities; with sport, art, music and drama featuring prominently.

We aim to provide memorable experiences that foster a real love of learning and personal development. The Infant and Junior Schools have actively developed a curriculum that we hope not only inspires but excites the children and the teachers. Whilst we hold true to the overarching principles of the English National Curriculum which provides a framework for our key teaching and learning intentions, we firmly believe that equipping our young 21st century learners with the relevant skills and knowledge to help them move forward into the unknown is our primary duty as teachers. To find out more about our departments, click on the menu above.

Last update: 20 January 2016