Testimonials from Our Parents

“Hi there.  My name is Jane and I’m the proud ‘owner’ of two lovely girls, Emilia (11 years old) and Sophia (7 years old). I have been in Bahrain since 1996; so once I had the children, it was almost inevitable they would go to St Christopher’s School. However, I could never have known then how lucky my children and I were going to be. We are now a part of a prolific and supportive community that  gives my daughters a strong, secure and happy foundation at the beginning of their lives. Although St Chris is a very large school it maintains its intimacy and unity very well. The friendliness of parents, teachers and children make this happen.

All my children’s teachers have been superb. From Mrs Ingham, who gave her heart and soul to prepare Emilia for, not only that year, but, as she said “I hope that what I teach her she can use now and for always;” Preparing Emilia for life, like a parent or grandparent. What mother could wish for more?

Mr V’s wonderful sense of humour and care, made learning, for Emilia, a joy and school a great place to be. She ran (or meandered with enthusiasm!) into school; growing with confidence and a belief in herself as everyday passed. Many a time Mr V also had me in fits of laughter!! Teachers with skills like this build good connections between staff, pupil and parents.

 Mr Tonks with his wisdom and insight into education was a pleasure to learn from, for myself, as well as my child! He could develop and implement learning techniques tailored for the individual’s needs. All of the teachers my girls have had, have their own special skills that have made their school life happy and fulfilled.

Over the years we have considered leaving Bahrain, but I can put my hand on my heart and say the reason we stay is because of St Chris. We love seeing our children happy learning and growing up in a school and surrounded by a community that would be hard to replace.” Jane Davies

“Hello, my name is Ruth, I have two daughters aged 7 and 10 at St Chris. We arrived in Bahrain 3 years ago. We were really pleased when the girls were accepted by St Christopher’s School as it had a very good reputation in the region. We were used to a small, international school so St Chris was a little overwhelming at first. In particular, we had to get up to speed with the various requirements for homework and topic days; however the teachers made us welcome and the girls soon settled in.Without really knowing what the role involved, I agreed to be Class Mum. In hindsight this helped me to make friends and get to know the routines of the school. There are lots of opportunities for parent volunteers to help in the school and this reflects the open and community feel of the school. Over the last 3 years I have seen the girls grow and develop intellectually and socially.The numerous opportunities offered by the school have engaged them both in life at St Chris in different ways. For example, my eldest daughter asked if she could have cello lessons, we were a little bit surprised not being a very ‘musical’ family. She has now passed examinations, participated in Music Festivals and Competittions and has developed the confidence to perform in front of friends, family and judges. My younger daughter was particularly proud of her selection by her peers to the position of Student Councillor. She loved undertaking this role and took her special meetings to discuss changes at the school very seriously. This helped her understand about the need to represent her class properly and workings of the school from a different perspective. Both girls are very keen swimmers and being in the School Squad makes them feel part of a special team. Training is well organised and there are a lots of opportunities to attend competitions in Bahrain or by travelling with the school in the Middle East. It is not just medals that are recognised; personal best performances are also celebrated on a regular basis. Our children have embraced the academic challenges of St Chris and we feel that they are working to high standards. We are kept informed of progress regularly and can approach the teaching team as necessary.” Ruth Kenna 

“Hi, my name is Evelyn Robb and I have 2 sons (Year 1 and Year 3) studying at St Christopher’s School. I had known about the school through internet (before we actually moved to Bahrain four years ago). After reading the information on its website, I decided that St Christopher’s School is where I would register my boys. I remembered after my husband had taken my elder son for his assessment, he was so impressed with the school and only had positive things to say about it, be it the little things displayed along the activity corridor, the children playground, the equipments and the conducive learning environment. These years at St Chris, I have seen both my boys growing into confident learner.  They are not afraid of taking on a challenge to do a task. They are also enjoying themselves at school. St Chris has made learning a fun thing, with all the different theme days and interesting and educational excursions to look forward to throughout the academic year. Not only are my boys taking pleasure being a student at St Chris, I’m too, having a great time being an active parent volunteer of the school. I thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs for the Infant School for various events such as the swimming galas, sports days and school trips to the supermarket, the fort, Al Areen wildlife park and the fire station. It is also a joy to read with the children in the morning, doing art and craft, and even cooking with the little ones. Being a parent at St Chis can be busy yet fun :)”  Evelyn Robb

“Hello my name is Ritu and my daughter Shria is aged 4 and is in Reception. She joined St Christopher’s in Nursery. We are glad that the school has been able to mould her into an increasingly independent, and more confident person as a whole during this tenure. Her command of the English language has become more precise. Thanks to SPARTA, she has become more actively involved in tennis and swimming. We also appreciate the effort taken to conduct special events such as Global Citizens Day, police community visits, and plays to bring out the best in every child!We are proud that we belong to a school so fine and strong.”  Ritu Prasnath

“Hi, my name is Gisele and we moved to Bahrain last year from Brazil. To prepare my daughter for the application assessments I sent her to an intensive English course and it was good enough for her to pass to all three schools we applied for. She CHOSE St Chris, saying: ” this is where I wanna go to school mom”. It’s like she felt it was the right one for her. And it really was! We were very concerned in the beginning; new school, no friends, another language. But everybody at St Chris helped her in so many ways! Her teachers were great; they had patience with her, gave her support and time and all her classmates too. St Chris teaches its students to be cooperative and work in group which was fantastic! In a short time she had a lot of friends and now she’s teaching me English because she is speaking better than me! The environment that the school offers to the children allows them to develop their unique talents, not only the curriculum subjects but also music, sports, charity, and sense of justice and responsibility. I can tell you that in this past year my daughter grew a lot as a person and I’m very proud of her success. I know now that she really did choose the best school.” Gisele Amaral

“Hello, my name is Eva and this is our 5th year at school, with our youngest daughter now in Year 5. St Chris is a very lively school with dedicated and inspiring teachers and staff. Over the years, our daughters have been proud to be part of great musicals and plays, orchestra and concerts, wood wind group, swim galas and sport events, school council, cooking and art competitions, the school newspaper, French Delf, Charity football matches, ‘Here to help’, the list goes on! On top of this, the children have a constant flow of events to look forward to, with parents helping to organize  the Festive Fayre, International Day, Bahrain Heritage Day, Charity bake sales, History days etc…It is no wonder that our daughter wakes up happy to go to school every morning.” Eva Lorijn

“My name is Grace and our family moved to Bahrain in late 2009 from the US.  My children, ages 7 and 10, have just started their fourth school year at St Christopher’s. During these intervening years they have steadily matured academically, artistically and athletically; this is largely a result of the quality of education that they receive at St Christopher’s.The heart of any academic institution is the teaching staff, and I find that overwhelmingly, St Chris teachers are well experienced, approachable, creative and passionate about their work.  One of my children has needed some additional help in an area of study, and the Learning Support department has been so helpful and proactive in assessing his needs, drawing up an individualized plan and working closely with him to ensure progress.I am also impressed by St Christopher’s robust music, arts and athletic departments. There are so many opportunities for a student to find his or her passions beyond the academic world. I believe that the strongest indicator of a school’s success lies in the students themselves. My children are certainly content and thriving at St Christopher’s and furthermore they feel a sense of pride and identity with their school.” Grace Markley

Last update: 25 August 2015