Welcome to St Christopher’s Junior School

Welcome to the Junior School section of our web site, I have been Head of the Junior School since 2000 and during that time our school has developed and changed immensely.Unbelievably, this year we will reopen our buried time-capsule put together by our student council when we moved to the new school as that is now ten years ago! We continue though, to remind ourselves, of how fortunate we are to have so much space such, light, wonderful classrooms and well-resourced specialist areas to support our learning journeys.

At St Chris, we all think of ourselves as learners; that’s why the school is continually developing and always improving. We have the Framework for Learning written by our Principal, Mr Goodwin, which describes the tri-partite St Christopher’s pupil that we hope all our pupils will become. An autonomous learner, a Global Citizen and a competent individual all rolled into one!

We love to celebrate our children’s achievements and if you refer to our result’s pages, you will be able to see just how high our academic standards are! You will also notice from our packed calendar of sporting, music, year group, art and drama events that achievement and learning in all areas is valued. We have chosen numerous snapshots and images of our school to help give you a flavour of what St Christopher’s offers and stands for. Join us if you can, but if you can’t just yet, at least come along for a visit. We would love to show you around.

Wendy Bataineh
Head of Junior School



Last update: 4 April 2017