Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 at St Christopher’s is a happy and purposeful place to learn and where the sense of pride pupils have in their school is reflected in their confidence and self-esteem. Our learners enjoy a sense of personal achievement, which is celebrated by all. The curriculum taught in Year 1 is challenging and differentiated to ensure all pupils are engaged and work hard, yet have fun. We regard the acquisition of the core skills of reading, writing and numeracy as vital to their future learning and plan the teaching programme carefully for continuity and progression. Year 1 provides a well-planned and resourced curriculum which takes each child’s learning forward.

The core curriculum subjects of Literacy and Numeracy receive the greatest time commitment and the pupils experience learning in foundation subjects through a themed approach where they can see explicit links to the different subject areas. Pupils work predominantly with their class teacher and receive specialist teaching in native or non-native Arabic, Music and PE, enjoying swimming as part of the curriculum.  In addition, all the classes have timetabled lessons in a fully equipped ICT suite.

Topic themes include; The Victorian Era, Space and Aliens and Castles and Forts.

Our Year 1 pupils take an active part in community service projects and work hard to collect practical donations, as well as raise money, for the local animal welfare charity, The Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA). Our Year 1 pupils also raise money for our Go Global united world school’s build a school project in Cambodia via various whole school events.

Highlights of the year include experiencing a Victorian School Day, Sports Day, Swim Gala, Knights and Princesses Day and an Arabic Coffee Morning, as well as trips to Bahrain Fort, The Bahrain National Museum and a supermarket shopping excursion. In Year 1, all pupils are involved in a Year Group Cantata.

Annabel Brandreth
Year Leader





Last update: 21 August 2016