Welcome to the Exams Office

The Examinations Office is responsible for all aspects of the examination process on behalf of the various Examination Boards in the United Kingdom. St Christopher’s School is currently registered to conduct examinations through various Boards, but predominantly utilises the services of AQACIE & Edexcel.

To see the history of our results, visit our Academic Results pages.
Examinations’ Officer: Head of Centre:
Wendy Dewar Tel:       +973 1760 5371 Fax:      +973 1760 5373 Email:   exams.school@st-chris.net Steve Keeble Tel:     +973 1760 5318 Fax:     +973 1760 5307 Email:  steve.keeble@st-chris.net

Please use the link below for important exams information:

Last update: 13 February 2017